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Harborne Primary School

School Development and Improvement Plan

Ofsted Quote:

"Leaders' regular and rigorous checks on the quality of teaching and pupils' achievement have helped to ensure that both have improved since the last inspection."

Every year the governors, senior and middle leaders in the school write a plan for the development and improvement of Harborne Primary School (SDIP); we then work towards the objectives in this plan throughout the year and evaluate our progress towards it through our Governing Body meetings, faculty meetings and meetings between leaders of the school.

The whole School Development and Improvement Plan (SDIP) is quite a substantial document, so an Executive Summary is provided each year for use with the Governors - they look at the summary every term to assess how much progress is being made towards the planned improvements.

The Executive Summary for this year is posted below.

SDIP Executive Summary 2022-23

SEF - Self Evaluation Form

Our SEF (Self Evaluation Form) is a succinct summary of where we see ourselves as a school currently, and where we are hoping to move forward to in the immediate future. It is much more concise than our SDIP and is a very important document if Ofsted inspectors come into school, as it is one of the first documents they will read about us. Our SEF for 2021-22 is below.