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Harborne Primary School

Our Vision

Ofsted Quote:

"The school's leaders, including the governors, have very successfully created an environment in which high expectations and high standards are the norm."

Harborne Primary School - Happy Pupils Succeed

At Harborne Primary School we develop, confident, successful children with a natural love of learning, through an aspirational and inspirational curriculum where everybody is valued.


To help us maintain high standards of successful learning, staff, parents, governors and children have agreed the following aims:

Our ethos

1.  To value children as individuals: celebrating their achievements and supporting their individual needs within a framework of equal opportunities.

2.  To provide opportunities for social, moral, spiritual and cultural development so that children value and respect their own and other cultures.

3.  To encourage children to accept personal responsibility for their own behaviour and to be caring and sensitive towards the needs of others and the environment.

Our curriculum

4. To provide an exciting and relevant curriculum which motivates the children to learn, working both collaboratively and independently.

5. To promote high standards of achievement through careful planning and assessment of children’s progress, which maximises each child's individual potential.

Our staff

6. To use the expertise of individual staff to encourage teamwork and promote quality teaching and learning.

7. To value all our staff and provide opportunities for their professional development.

Our community

8. To promote a partnership between staff, parents, governors and the wider community, which enhances children’s learning.


9. To match our available resources as efficiently and effectively as possible to curriculum and whole-school objectives.


10.To consider carefully the use of space so as to provide an attractive, safe and stimulating learning environment.

You may also wish to read our Safeguarding Policy and our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy. Please click the link below.