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Harborne Primary School


Ofsted Quote:

"The school has a strong tradition of musical achievements, with different instrumental groups and an excellent choir."

Our Music Lead is Mrs Mitchell, and Music is part of our Creative Curriculum.


The teaching and learning of music at Harborne Primary School aims to develop children’s understanding and appreciation of music, and to encourage them to actively take part in music making.

The curriculum is divided into three main areas: performing, composing, and listening and appraising. Children are expected to perform with increasing confidence and control, and to develop their ability to read and write music notation. They are also encouraged to create and compose their own music using a range of instruments and technologies.

Listening and appraising skills are also emphasised, with children learning to analyse and evaluate music from a range of styles and genres. They are expected to develop an understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of music.

In addition to the curriculum, there are many opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular music activities, such as assemblies, productions, and choirs. These provide children with the chance to develop their skills further and to perform in front of an audience.

Incorporating instrumental music into the school's curriculum is a wonderful way to enrich the educational experience of our children and provide them with valuable skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Starting with the recorder in year two, they progress into Key Stage 2, where peripatetic staff are available to teach a wider range of instruments, such as strings, brass, and woodwinds. This allows students to explore different types of music and find an instrument that they are truly passionate about.