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Harborne Primary School


Our Geography Leader is Mrs Serpell, supported by Mrs Gray as part of our Humanties teaching.


From the very beginning, the children develop a sense of the wider world as they use maps, globes, atlases and ICT in their work. They also learn about the physical and human geographical aspects of their own community as well as contrasting localities in some depth. The school grounds and Harborne are used for practical fieldwork and environmental and economic awareness. From 1998 the school has benefitted from having its own 'secret garden' which allows us much greater scope for on-site environmental education. We also plan day and residential visits to the Kingswood, Condover and Oakerwood centres.

We have a tradition of offering children in Key Stage 2 department extracurricular, residential visits to other places, for example Year 6 currently go on a camp in Shropshire. These provide exciting opportunities to experience other cultures and environments first hand.