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Harborne Primary School

Dog Mentoring Scheme

The benefits of Dog Mentoring are widely published, and we are delighted to say that it is an intervention that we are embracing. Bisco and Ami are back in school at the Station Road site and have been joined by two new recruits.  Pip will also be at Station Road, and Teddie is based at the Annex.  They are all small/medium size dogs from breeds that have worked with humans for centuries. They are motivated by loyalty and wanting to please.

As a whole school policy, we operate a consent out procedure.

Your child could by chance walk down a corridor at the same time as one of the dogs. So, as parents/careers please raise any concerns you may have. If for any reason your child can not be exposed to dogs in any way, then please notify school by e-mailing:



                     Ami                                       Bosco                                   Pip                               Teddie