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Harborne Primary School

Art and Design

Ofsted Quote:

"The art work on display is exceptionally good for pupils of this age."

Our Art Leader is Mrs Jesson, supported by Mrs Gray, as part of our Creative Curriculum.

Art and Design

At Harborne Primary School, we value the importance of Art and Design; it is an integral part of our curriculum and is currently taught through the CUSP (curriculum with unity schools partnership) scheme.   

We believe that it is our children’s entitlement to be able to share and express their individual creativity, independence, resilience, and self-reflection. It is our intent to provide all children with the fundamental skills, techniques and knowledge needed to independently create their own unique drawings, paintings, sculptures, and crafts.  

We want the children to have a natural sense of wonder and curiosity when studying a wide variety of artwork. We empower children to discover great artists that will enable them to explore their own and other’s cultural heritages. We give the children the time and space to explore new themes, new sensations, and ways to be creative without the need to be perfect. We want our children to see the enjoyment and satisfaction in the process of producing art. It is through the children’s personalised experience of art at Harborne, that we enable the children to feel safe, secure, and happy, to produce their most creative work.  

Individual classes take responsibility for producing display boards in the halls and corridors. The work of each child is valued and displayed over the course of the year.