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Harborne Primary School

Art and Design

Ofsted Quote:

"The art work on display is exceptionally good for pupils of this age."

Our Art Leader is Miss Lord, supported by Mrs Gray, as part of our Creative Curriculum.

Art and Design

Art is an integral part of our thematic approach to teaching where there is an emphasis on the skills taught. Year groups and phase leaders are responsible for planning, reviewing and adapting these plans to keep the curriculum themes interesting and relevant for the pupils.

We believe that art plays an integral part in children's physical, cultural, social and aesthetic development. Children across school enjoy using a variety of tools and techniques including ICT. This gives them the opportunity to develop understanding of the process involved in producing a piece of art. Our visits to places of interest, including the Art Gallery, as well as working with visiting arts people, provide ideas to enrich this area of the children's work.

Individual classes take responsibility for producing display boards in the halls and corridors. The work of each child is valued and displayed over the course of the year.